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Styled By Bhav

Rediscover Yourself Through the Power of Fashion

If you want to get your style back on track, enhance your confidence, improve your personal branding, make better use of your wardrobe, push fashion boundaries, and learn how to shop efficiently, I'm the person for you!


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An exclusive look into the world of fashion from the perspective of an expert fashion stylist. Uncover all of my secrets, tricks and tips I’ve carefully curated over the years.

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Before and After Transformation

Tiên, one of my clients, was completely transformed following styling sessions with me.

Not only will I teach you how to dress much more fashionably, but I will also listen to the style goals you would like to achieve! By the time I have finished styling you, I would have achieved everything you ask for and much more. Read the above testimonials to see what I helped my clients achieve.

This could be you! Hiring a personal stylist will change your life & open doors you never imagined were possible. Book me through the links below.



Bhav is an exceptional stylist, very professional and personable. I had lost touch with my sense of style after having children, and Bhav was very supportive and encouraging in helping me find key pieces for my capsule wardrobe. He definitely rose to the challenge with my criteria, as well as suggesting items that I wouldn't normally pick for myself. I would absolutely recommend Bhav to family and friends, and wouldn't hesitate to use his services again!

Vicky Hartofillis-Smith


Bhav is a fabulous stylist, he is very professional and has a flare for fashion. He re-inspired me with my own wardrobe. He suggested items that I wouldn't normally pick for myself by combining different colours and textures that I would not have thought of. It blew me away! I would definitely recommend Bhav to family and friends without hesitation.

Janelle Nissiotis


Bhav is a fantastic stylist who showed me how to rekindle my passion for fashion. For work, I have to wear suits, and I became bored of wearing the same thing over and over. Bhav taught me how to add sophistication to my outfits with colours, accessories and better designers. I've received numerous compliments from my female coworkers as a result. Thanks to Bhav's styling, I'm a completely new, more confident person! Everyone I know would benefit from Bhav's services and expertise as a personal stylist.

Elias Bieri

Bhav is a wonderful stylist who taught me how to dress better and how to incorporate current fashion trends while maintaining a classic style. He has taught me a lot and has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I've gotten so many compliments since being styled by him, and my understanding of how to style myself has improved dramatically as a result of him. I would happily recommend him to my family and friends!

Tiên Nguyen

About Me

After years of styling myself and receiving countless compliments, I have realised the power of fashion and how it is able to express you and provide confidence in a way that nothing else can. To ensure that your needs are addressed, I offer style sessions that concentrate around what works for you and tailored towards your taste. I aim to make everyone look and feel their best.

Trained by the prestigious Australian Style Institute, I am a certified personal stylist and have the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate your style.

- Bhavninder Sanghera (Bhav)



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